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Acanthocybium solandri — World’s IGFA Record: 184 Lbs

Wahoo fishing off St. Augustine is nothing short of exceptional. The Wahoo is THE most bad ass, tough as nails, ferocious mackerel that swims in the ocean. Capable of swimming at speeds upwards of 35 MPH, this formidable finned opponent dominates the Atlantic waters with no natural predators – besides the Endless Summer crew of course.


The Expertise

Wahoo can be caught off the kite, around floating debris, or flat lining with live baits. Typically, we troll planers rigged with a spoon or a feather skirt in front of a large bonita strip. Wahoo can be found circling deep water wrecks or hanging close off deep water reefs. Sometimes it can take a while to get a bite, but when you do you’ll know it!


Wahoo pull harder and faster than any other mackerel and can be extremely unpredictable at the boat. Their rows of razor sharp teeth must be avoided at all costs, so when we tell you to “get back” before we stick the gaff – don’t take it personally! We’re here to land these fish safely and steak ’em up for the grill.



We commonly encounter these golden delicious fish swarming around floating debris offshore or roaming open water in search of unsuspecting baits. They eat readily and are not shy at all – pound for pound they are the most aggressive and actually the fastest growing fish in the ocean! When we hook up on a school it can get a little chaotic, so be sure to pay attention to the direction of your captain and mate to maximize the number of fish you catch!


Time to Catch

Wahoo are by far one of the tastiest fish in the ocean. Grilled, blackened, or ceviche style – nothing compares to the delicacy of fresh wahoo. If you haven’t caught a wahoo yet and prefer to troll for fish rather than wait for a bite on the kite, this is the best Endless Summer fishing choice for you! While trolling can be boring at times, this is absolutely the best way to maximize your chances of bringing a wahoo in the boat.

Got questions on the best time of year to catch a Wahoo while trolling or kite fishing? Call or email Billy Hunsicker now!

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