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Istiophorus albicans — World’s IGFA Record: 121 Lbs. The Pacific Sailfish has been referenced as the fastest fish in the world.

Anglers from all over the world journey to Saint Augustine, FL, specifically to target this coveted billfish – known exclusively for its acrobatic feats, endurance, and drag scorching runs. Catching sailfish in St. Augustine is not easy – it takes a professional crew with the experience and equipment to masterfully present baits in a healthy state.


Awe Inspiring

The atlantic sailfish is found hunting for food at the surface in 130 – 300 ft of water off the coast of St. Augustine and readily eats frisky baits presented masterfully from kite fishing rigs – suspending the baits just at the surface in a panicked state. Sailfish can be seen circling the baits hanging from the kite line before eating them, often lifting their large purple sails into the air signifying aggression. It is awe inspiring to watch these majestic creatures engulf a bait and speed off into the distance as they make a dash for freedom. Catching one is a life changing experience and an amazing indoctrination into the world of offshore sportfishing in Saint Augustines.

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Despite the ferocity with which sailfish fight, they are shy and wary predators – often seen jabbing and batting at a bait before engulfing it. They are timid and very mindful of their surroundings, armed with extremely well developed vision and acute paranoia of human anglers. In order to catch a sailfish in St. Augustine, you have to know where they are, what they’re eating, and make absolutely sure that your tackle is capable of handling their unparalleled agility.


Time to Catch

The best time of year to catch sailfish is the winter – usually January through April. It is common to catch sailfish as late as May/June – but they arrive in the largest numbers when the cold fronts push through and ball up the migratory pilchards and threadfins. Goggle eyes are a sure fire bait for this shy pelagic predator, which we’re happy to provide for an additional fee.

Ready to catch sailfish in Saint Augustine? Why wait? Book A half day trip right now – it’s perfect for a morning sailfish bite – but make sure there’s at least a little wind so we can fly the kites. Although we carry helium to suspend kites in low wind condition – sailfish prefer windy weather and can often be seen tailing in the waves on rough days.

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