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Deep Sea Fishing North Florida

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

North Florida offers some of the best deep sea fishing in the world. From sailfish to tuna, you can catch every pelagic species of fish that swims in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida. Fishing the deep sea waters off Conch Island, St. Augustine Beach, and the Atlantic provides anglers with an incredible opportunity to enjoy the finest sport fishing in the U.S. We start each and every deep sea fishing charter by catching live bait – dozens of pilchards, threadfins, and cigar minnows to ensure our anglers maximize their opportunity to connect with a fierce gamefish.

In the winter months, deep sea fishing in North Florida is prime.  Large schools of migratory sailfish travel down the coast of Florida and stop over in St. Augustine waters to feast on enormous schools of pilchards, flying fish, and threadfin herring. It’s common to see large groups of flying fish glide over the surface of the water to avoid sailfish lurking down below. When we see schools of flying fish erupt near our kite baits, we know a bite is imminent.

On most of our deep sea fishing charters in North Florida, we use fishing kites to present live baits at the surface.  This is the most effective form of deep sea fishing and provides an opportunity to catch just about anything that swims. We fish up to six kite baits while drifting mid water lines to cover the entire water column…as it’s difficult to know exactly where fish will feed. We have perfected our North Florida deep sea fishing techniques over years of experimenting with tackle, rigging, and fishing with some of the best charter captains in the fleet. On each and every deep sea fishing charter, we apply all the techniques we’ve mastered through the years in order to ensure our customers have the best possible chance of catching sailfish, tuna, mahi mahi, and king mackerel.

It’s important to understand that deep sea fishing is impacted by the moon phase, ocean currents, wind, sea surface temperature, and light.  

The conditions change every day and it takes years of experience to understand how each set of environmental variables impacts the fishing. We have fished just about every imaginable condition (fishable conditions that is) off the Gulfstream and learned to adapt our fishing game plan to provide the most productive fishing for our clients.  When the current is weak, deep sea fishing is usually not so hot…but bottom fishing is still productive.  When the sea is flat and there is no wind to fly the kites, we use vertical jigs to catch amberjack and wahoo on deep water wrecks. No matter the condition, we will find a way for you to catch fish.

If there is a particular species you would like to catch on your deep sea fishing charter in North Florida, just let us know!  We are more than happy to craft a custom charter to chase your preferred game fish. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional deep sea fishing experience for anglers of all skill levels, so please get in touch with any questions and let us know what you would like to catch!

Call 904-501-7374 to book your deep sea fishing charter today!
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