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Make the Most of Your Time in Chartering

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

There are some major advantages to using a charter service for your fishing needs, especially when away from home.  Chartered boats were always viewed as prohibitively expensive, but that may not be the case in many instances. Let’s take a look at some of these advantages, to better understand if these services are for you.

One of the biggest reasons that many people fish is to – catch fish. When vacationing in a place that one might not be familiar with, the angler is relying on word – of – mouth locations and hotspots, or even worse, internet recommendations for information.  

Many of the spots will not be available without access to some type of boat, whether it is a rental or the angler owns and transports a vessel. The use of a chartered service eliminates many of these issues, as there is nothing to bring or rent, and furthermore, as a passenger, you are not required to do anything except fish. The convenience of showing up on the dock and jumping in the boat, rather than the alternative is a nice way to enhance the fishing experience and focus on the fishing.  

One of the other advantages to the use of a local charter service is the knowledge of the area. It is virtually guaranteed that you will catch fish, especially when using a local captain that has been fishing the area for years.

Accessing local spots that you would have missed can drastically increase your catch. The use of a larger, chartered boat can allow access to offshore locations that may have been inaccessible from a smaller craft.  The knowledge of local hot spots can be the difference between everyone on board catching fish and having a great time, or not catching fish.

The Charter experience can also provide some benefits that the angler might not think about, such as intimate knowledge of local laws and regulations regarding conservation.  You are also gaining a better understanding of the local habitat, taught to you by someone with a vested interest in making sure that all the laws of the land and ideas regarding conservation are followed.  The captain will have stories, tall tales, and just great conversation, as well as all of the gear and knowledge of where to fish that will make your experience on the boat enjoyable.

This is a great opportunity to learn from a true master, and not just about the local areas where fish can be found, but about how a professional angler plies his craft.

Everything from technique to bait choice to equipment usage is up for discussion when you charter, and this can make for some great learning experiences for every level of angler.

Charter fishing expeditions do not stick around if clients get shut out for an entire day on the boat.  To this point, utilizing a charter fishing service can not only drastically improve your catch, but can also help customize that catch.  Let me explain – the Captain (myself) will have insight into what fish are in season, and what can be caught at the time, allowing you as the customer to choose your target and go after fish that you want, targeting their habitat and what bait they take.  

This eliminates much of the guess work in fishing about what you can catch and where, and allows you to go after the specific sport fish you are interested in catching.  

Apart from all of the previously mentioned reasons why chartering a boat eliminates much of the headache and all of the prep work of a fishing expedition, pricing is still the determining factor in many decisions. One of the best additions to the charter fishing industry in recent years is the ability to “share” your charter – now, if there are 3 that want to go out on the boat, you can just look for open spots on a bigger boat with others, and it drastically reduces your price, making it not only convenient and fun, but affordable. With all of these benefits, it might be time to look into a charter for your next excursion. Call us now at (904) 501-7374.

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